Badge Making Machine XZJ-1

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Product Details

This machcine has different model buttons with a variety of options, you can make different badges, 
key-chains adding the necessary accessories. You can print pictures, photos, portraits you like and put the pictures on the surface of badge adding coating then press it with the badge making machine. The finished products are personal, beautiful an modern.


Round mold sizes:25mm,32mm,37mm,44mm,50mm,56mm,58mm,75m

Square mold size:35mm,55mm

Oval mold size:25mm,35mm,45mm,55mm,70mm

How to produce badges:

1. Installing the molds to the badge making machine

2. Put top of badge, body badge, picture, film by turn

3. Adjust the mold to the right place

4. Press the handle to make the top and bottom of mold to gather up

5. Take out the finished badge

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