11oz Polymer Plastic Mug

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Item #:PL-11M

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The 11oz. polymer mug which has a bright white glossy front surface finish that can be directly dye-sublimated as well as its unbreakable features; it is far more durable than either ceramic or glass. The polymer mug does not have a sublimation coating, it can be printed directly with sublimation inks, which results in the image lasting much longer than they would on ordinary sublimation blanks. Because of the 3D dye-sub, any of your personality photos, logos can be printed perfectly.
The polymer compounds used comply with FDA and RoHS regulations; the product itself is also environmentally friendly.


Dimention: φ8.2*H9.6cm


Packing: 48pcs/Carton

Packing size:43*32*45cm


How to print your digital photo onto mug:


  1. Take a digital photo

  2. Print it out on sublimation paper with sublimation ink in your printer

  3. Cut the paper image to about 3" x 8" size

  4. Wrap the image facing in the sublimation coated mug

  5. Place the mug in the mug press cup holder

  6. Set temperature to 200 C

  7. Set the desired time (varies from 45 sec. to 2 minutes. Longer time leads to darker impression)

  8. Take the mug out when timer buzz

  9. Your customized mug is done! Very Simple


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